Christmas Album 2014

Hey All

It’s time for the annual Christmas Album
What the heck are you talking about Tim? (you say)
My friend Lars and I previously ran a blog about soundwriting and as part of the site we made an annual Christmas Album.  The blog is basically dead, but the Annual Christmas album lives on.  This is the 5th annual album.
No rules to the song other than the song being vaguely Christmas related (it could be a song about green bean casserole).  It can be a cover or original.
Then, i’ll post it here:
make a new blog post here:
And if anyone pays for the album I’ll donate the money to Feed My Starving Children
Deadline for submissions is December 10th
Good Luck
oh, and feel free to forward this email along to anyone

Christmas Album 2013 (So Far)


I’ll just tell you.  I always set the due date for the album for the 10th of December, with the expected release date of the 15th.  Unfortunately, a couple of people that regularly submit to this album figured that out over the years and are pushing the limits.  Here is what I’m going to do, post the non-slackers work because Christmas time is here and these tunes need to be shared.  ALSO, when I receive the other tunes I’ll update the album.  Here it is….enjoy….

Thanks to:

Kyle Imbertson, Opal Puckett, Adam Svec, Graham O’Brien, Jason Roberts, others

Christmas Album 2013

Hey Guys,


I’ll be posting the 2013 Christmas album today.  This year we have a large number of “slackers”, so I”m just going to add to the album as tunes come in, meanwhile you can enjoy the music of the non-slackers.  So prepare a cornish hen and a fruitcake for this evening.



A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012



  • 01 Christmas Insomnia – Steve Pardo
  • 02 Star of Bethlehem – Food for the Saints
  • 03 All Praise To Thee – Joe Poppino
  • 04 Good King Wenceslas – Blue Bird Shoe Shoppe
  • 05 Of The Father’s Love Begotten – Conrad Spencer
  • 06 Frosty The Snowman – Ft. Wonder
  • 07 End of the World – Surrounded By Werewolves


Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website:HTTP://FOODFORTHEBELOVED.BANDCAMP.COM/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it. If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Compassion International

Thanks to everything that contributed….Awesome Job!

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family

PS…Surrounded by Werewolves release a real album and you should get it for someone for a Christmas gift  (more here:

2012 Christmas Album’s time again! Time for you to put some music together and submit it to the 4th Annual Food For The Beloved Christmas album.

Submit a song

I’ll digitally package it and put it out there for the world to enjoy

Last year we received lots and lots of great feedback from the album and many “I wish I would have recorded a song” comments from people. Here is your chance. The song can be original or a cover. It can be instrumental or not.  Also, I don’t even care if it is an actual Christmas song, it could be about any related to this time of year…New Years, Snow, Mayan End of the World stuff, whatever. Let’s do this thing! This year, the deadline will be December 15th Good luck!

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