A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012



  • 01 Christmas Insomnia – Steve Pardo
  • 02 Star of Bethlehem – Food for the Saints
  • 03 All Praise To Thee – Joe Poppino
  • 04 Good King Wenceslas – Blue Bird Shoe Shoppe
  • 05 Of The Father’s Love Begotten – Conrad Spencer
  • 06 Frosty The Snowman – Ft. Wonder
  • 07 End of the World – Surrounded By Werewolves


Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website:HTTP://FOODFORTHEBELOVED.BANDCAMP.COM/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it. If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Compassion International

Thanks to everything that contributed….Awesome Job!

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family

PS…Surrounded by Werewolves release a real album and you should get it for someone for a Christmas gift  (more here: surroundedbywerewolves.com)


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