Christmas Album 2013 (So Far)


I’ll just tell you.  I always set the due date for the album for the 10th of December, with the expected release date of the 15th.  Unfortunately, a couple of people that regularly submit to this album figured that out over the years and are pushing the limits.  Here is what I’m going to do, post the non-slackers work because Christmas time is here and these tunes need to be shared.  ALSO, when I receive the other tunes I’ll update the album.  Here it is….enjoy….

Thanks to:

Kyle Imbertson, Opal Puckett, Adam Svec, Graham O’Brien, Jason Roberts, others


A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2012



  • 01 Christmas Insomnia – Steve Pardo
  • 02 Star of Bethlehem – Food for the Saints
  • 03 All Praise To Thee – Joe Poppino
  • 04 Good King Wenceslas – Blue Bird Shoe Shoppe
  • 05 Of The Father’s Love Begotten – Conrad Spencer
  • 06 Frosty The Snowman – Ft. Wonder
  • 07 End of the World – Surrounded By Werewolves


Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website:HTTP://FOODFORTHEBELOVED.BANDCAMP.COM/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it. If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Compassion International

Thanks to everything that contributed….Awesome Job!

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family

PS…Surrounded by Werewolves release a real album and you should get it for someone for a Christmas gift  (more here:

Artist of the Month: Beck

Hey Lars here. Well, I can’t be more excited to have Beck as our artist of the month. I don’t know how Tim and Nate are managing Beck as our artist but for me, it’s going swimmingly. My original tune is really cool and I’m excited to share it with you in the next couple weeks. In the meantime I did a two take cover of a favorite Beck tune. I’ve also compiled a 50 minute Beck playlist, a list of the tunes that I’ve been listening to the most to assist me with my original tune. It should give you sense of where I am headed, as Beck is a very diverse artist. Enjoy.

Lord Only Knows


Soft Covers


Lars is on vacation at his most beloved Disney World. Probably sippin on virgin pina colada’s outside of Germany in Epcot. The Flaming Lips album is posted…’s not 100% done. I guess we are waiting on 2 songs still from people, but they are about 15 days past the original deadline so we decided to post the album and add those songs when they are in. Check it out, tell us what you think


A Beloved Christmas with Food 2011

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2011


  • 01 Dearest Jesus – Blue Bird Shoe Shoppe
  • 02 Happy XMas / War is Over – Conrad Spencer
  • 03 Elf Factory – Surrounded by Werewolves
  • 04 You Were Born in Bethlehem – Food for the Saints
  • 05 He Has Come – Josh Dekker
  • 06 Our Trip to Macy’s – Jeremiah Dickson
  • 07 Weatherproof – Surrounded by Werewolves
  • 08 Joy To The World – Blue Bird Body Shoppe
  • 09 This Year – Alice Sandahl

Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website:HTTP://FOODFORTHEBELOVED.BANDCAMP.COM/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it. If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Compassion International

Big big thanks to everyone that contributed this year, I know that many of you wanted to contribute but couldn’t. I take some of the blame for that on being slow to get this organized. That being said, I think that the album really came together great this year and Bonnie did a stellar job on the album art. Please share this with anyone that might enjoy.

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family

PS…Some FFTB’ers can be found on this Pre-Christmas podcast Pure Imagination

Minnesota the Album: Vol 1

You’ve been waiting, and now it’s here. We are really proud to bring you volume 1 of our Minnesota Album. Thanks to all our contributors and well-wishers. I’m really proud of this one. Head over to our bandcamp site to listen and download the new tunes. Be sure to let us know what you think of our newest project and what you would like to hear for our next one!

-Lars, FFTB

Food for the Saints, “What Will Happen to the Library?”

Hey friends, Lars here. It’s been awhile and Tim has a good 3 or 4 song lead on me in our current project but I finally got a free night to finish a song that’s been in the hopper for awhile. It’s about book burnings and the moral quandary that such an event leads me to on almost every level. But what if you were in a cabin in northern Wisconsin in November and you ran out of dry wood and all you had was a library of bad books from the 1960s? Is that a book burning? Either way, enjoy the music. Criticism of every kind is welcomed.

What Will Happen to the Library?