A Beloved Christmas with Food 2011

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2011


  • 01 Dearest Jesus – Blue Bird Shoe Shoppe
  • 02 Happy XMas / War is Over – Conrad Spencer
  • 03 Elf Factory – Surrounded by Werewolves
  • 04 You Were Born in Bethlehem – Food for the Saints
  • 05 He Has Come – Josh Dekker
  • 06 Our Trip to Macy’s – Jeremiah Dickson
  • 07 Weatherproof – Surrounded by Werewolves
  • 08 Joy To The World – Blue Bird Body Shoppe
  • 09 This Year – Alice Sandahl

Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website:HTTP://FOODFORTHEBELOVED.BANDCAMP.COM/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it. If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Compassion International

Big big thanks to everyone that contributed this year, I know that many of you wanted to contribute but couldn’t. I take some of the blame for that on being slow to get this organized. That being said, I think that the album really came together great this year and Bonnie did a stellar job on the album art. Please share this with anyone that might enjoy.

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family

PS…Some FFTB’ers can be found on this Pre-Christmas podcast Pure Imagination http://www.vangloria.net/pureimagination/Pre-Christmas.m4a



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