Tips For The Beloved: NPR Live Concerts

Sound the gong, this is officially my first post for FFTB, and as such, I’m starting a new series called Tips For The Beloved.  What are TFTB?  Simple: tips to enhance your musical appreciation and listening experience.

For example; if you listen to Danzig really loud at Sturgis, you’ll get an appreciative head nod and maybe a fist bump.  If you listen to Danzig really loud while choosing picture frames at Target, you may get asked to leave, or at least take it to the back aisle where they keep those two lonely car batteries no one ever buys.

So…..without further adieu…….

Tips For the Beloved #1

Maybe this is old news, but it’s a revelation to me.  NPR offers a Live Concert Series podcast that is free of charge (duh) and pretty awesome.  Concerts range from Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, The Decembrists, Iron and Wine, They Might Be Giants, Wolf Parade, and more.  Oh, much, much, more.  Some of these concerts are single events, but many of them are from larger festivals such as the Newport Folk Festival, or Sasquatch.

I’m going to see Bon Iver in September which I’m pretty pumped about, so hearing them play a recent concert only made it better.  (Plus, at the 12:45 mark of the concert, some guy yells out, “Hadouken!”. Or maybe it was a Shoryuken, you be the judge. Either way, I hope that guy is at the show I go to.)

Anyways, check out the podcast series here, download some jams and thank my later.


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