U2 Concert – Twin Cities

Wow! I didn’t know that a concert could be like that.  Attending a U2 concert is everything it’s cracked up to be. 

My wife and I were smart and parked at the State Fair ground, then  took a shuttle to TCF stadium for 1/2 price parking.  Arrived at the stadium at 6:45ish and went directly into the t-shirt lines, which btw were ridiculous.  It’s like people haven’t bought a t-shirt before.  Huge lines and the people at the front wanted to touch all the different shirts and try them on.  I mean, do people really not know what size t-shirt they wear.  Side note…not many great t-shirts, just a cool gray one and a cool vintage Achtung Baby t-shirt. 

The crowd was very unique….at least for my concert experiences.  I’m used to crowds full of super emo dudes with studded earings, dyed black hair and a style that says “I took 4 hours to look this good, but I don’t care” or the super hippy look.  This crowd was generationally diverse.  I saw lots of kids, lots of old people and lots of people in between.  When you walk into the stadium, you are in awe of this giant stage they put together for this tour (the claw).  It looks like one of those claws from the claw game where you drop it to almost win a stuffed creature, usally found at Chuckie Cheese or gas stations in Wisconsin.  It was huge, green and looked like it had giant yellow junior mints holding it all together.

Interpol started playing at about 7pm and they did exactly what a openning act is supposed to do and warm up the audience for the main event.  I’m not a huge Interpol guy; I have one of their albums.  Something about them seemed may me think “This must be what it was like to see Duran Duran in the 80’s”.  They sounded good, were sort of energetic and entertaining to watch.  Nothing extra special to watch and that’s what I expect out of the opening act.  If it was an Interpol concert, I’d expect them to be going much more crazy. 

After that, more people filled in, the weather started to brew a little, the sky turned dark, all prep for U2 to begin.  U2 walks to the stage to Bowie’s “Major Tom” and I got chills.  The stadium was pumped; they hit the stage and opened up with Even Better Than the Real Thing.  This was the moment where I realized that U2 concerts are super awesome.  The lights were awesome, the sound was amazing, the performance was incredible.  Bono has every rock star thing mastered.  If he was in Madden game he’s probably be 99’s across the board.  I’m starting to realize that my words aren’t going to do this concert justice at all.

Moving on… The wind seemed to pick up on all the heavier songs like Until the End of the World and Get on Your Boots.  At one point the wind was destroying me, there were fireworks launching from Minneapolis and U2 was making my skin melt off from all the rocking.  I’m not one to sing with the band at a concert and I sung.   Then the rain came….and I didn’t care.  I actually thought it was more awesome.  I was soaked and watching U2 rock out in the rain.  Lightning is flashing in the distance, Bono is making all sorts of rain references between songs like singing Purple Rain, Rain Drops keep falling on my Head and We’re singing in the Rain.  Bono embraced the rain, so did I, and I’m thinking 90% of the people there felt the same way.  They played a good mix of hits and rarities. 

Bono referenced the fact that at one point, Minneapolis was set to be the final show of the 360 tour, and declared that tonight is the start of the ‘end of tour party’. Somali pop star K’naan, whom Bono spoke with before the show about the famine in Somalia, joined the band on stage to sing Stand By Me for the people suffering in Somalia. Bono dedicates Stuck In A Moment to Amy Winehouse, who died earlier in the day.

This review is getting too long and that should tell you that I really enjoyed this concert.  If you’ve never seen U2 live before, you should do all that you can to make it happen, no matter if you are 70 years or 7.  If they go on tour again, you must take advantage and go.



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