Sorry for the A-holes Fleet Foxes

Went to the Fleet Foxes show last night at the State Theater in Minneapolis.  Overall I’d give the show a B-.  Let me explain…

First off, this is the 2nd time I’ve seen Fleet Foxes in concert.  I saw them a year or two ago at the Cedar Cultural center.  That experience tainted this one because:
A. The Cedar is much more intimate
2. It was the 1st time I saw them
III. I could see everyone super well, and soak in the uncanny harmonies.

Don’t get me wrong, the State theater is cool, but everyone always prefers seeing the bands they love in smaller places. 

The audience at the show last night was super weird.  The Fleet Foxes allow for some down time between songs to tune etc.  During some of these down times some audience member yelled some stupid idiot stuff.  Like “Turn down the treble” and “The mix sucks”.  I think I have a pretty good ear, I’ve been a sound engineer and musician for a long time and the mix sounded great to me.  (Ir)regardless, what the f&* do these guys think the Fleet Foxes are going to do, say “Hey Gary, I think this guys yelling stuff is on to some good feedback, can you throw him at the sound board.”  Anyway, that made stuff pretty awkward and made some other audience member want to remedy the situation by yelling stuff like “I want to have your babies” and “we love you”.  Fleet Foxes are a pretty chill band, folky indie music, so everyone was sitting down enjoying the music.  Everyone except for 4 dudes about 20 rows up from me.  I think that these guys missed the turn for the DMB concert.  I seemed like they wanted a mosh pit.  They kept yelling, “Get up, Stand up!”.  I could understand that for a rock concert, but not Fleet Foxes.  Come on guys, embarrassing!  The last weird thing was the applause after the 3, 4, and 5th songs.  The audience went nuts after these songs.  They were screaming and standing, applauding like they were watching Babe Ruth hit a grand slams to win the world series.  The rest of the concert consisted of normal applause.

The good stuff..
-They played almost every song that they have in their collection. 
-They have the best harmonies you’ll ever hear live
-Robin Pecknold
-Visually you can tell that every member has an important role in contributing to the song.
-Mykonos was played and sounded awesome



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  1. Unfortunately, I’ve been to similar gigs myself with bands I love. A really spoiler at times of the show. I may check out the FF show here in seattle. I’ll have to let you know if the same DMB douche rockets crash the event.

    Chin up Tomader

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