Update from Tomato

It’s nerve-racking sharing what you’ve created with other people who you respect.  I spent last weekend recording the drums and bass for an album of my own.  I had signed up Matt Patrick(bass/engineer) and Steve Goold(drums/etc..) to do this work.  Coming up to this event I was pretty nervous and excited for the whole thing because of the possibility of Matt or Steve saying “This song just isn’t very good”.  The plan was to bring in 10 scratch tracks of the songs I would like them to play on, then take out the bass and drum parts and replace/change them with what we decide.  With the way I write music it’s usually the case that having the musical insight of more people contributing to the song makes the song much better then when it is 100% me.  I tend to make most of my drum parts very drumAndBass or just sort of lame.  Same goes for about half of the bass parts I come up with.
As things stand I need to:

-Rerecord guitars parts (as needed)

-Rerecord vox parts (as needed)

-Rerecord keyboard (as needed)

-Mix all the songs-Master the album
Not really sure rerecord is a word.  I’m currently on the Rerecord guitars parts phase because it’s super fun and needs to happen.  I’m sort of nervous about mixing though.  I can’t mix this album and I don’t want to spend $2000 bucks on mixing because I’d be lucky to make $200 back from this album in the end.  I’m sure I’ll just have the person mixing the album also master it just to save on money.
FFTB news – Minnesota Album coming within 2 weeks, get your songs in if you haven’t yet



    • Thanks Lars
      List is:
      Drop This Load
      Jet Plane
      Mohawk for the Weekend
      Mysterious Giant
      Nobody Home
      Old Creepy
      Santa is a Zombie
      We Need to Fly

      With Steve Good and Matt Patrick playing on these tracks the songs sound like a horde of Grphyn’s singing songs of joy through the night

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