Next Project? MINNESOTA the ALBUM

After another successful collaboration on this Christmas album, big bro Nate had a swell idea – let’s keep the good mojo going. So we summon all of you and those you know to contribute to our new project, Minnesota the Album. We would like to create an album about our favorite state in the republic with songs about people, places, and things that tell the Minnesota story. For instance, I just started a song about the St. Paul Cathedral. Here are a few unclaimed examples:

– A song about Paul and Babe in Bemidji

– A song about how Northfield smells like Malt-O-Meal

– A song about Mary Tyler Moore

– A song about you favorite little town with a great story

– A song about the 35W bridge collapse

The possibilities are endless. So here is the procedural scoop:

1. Choose a song and check it with Tim or Lars via this site (to make sure we don’t double up).

2. Complete your song by March 15 and send it to us in an agreeable format. (send to or

3. We will post the album on our Bandcamp site for all to enjoy by March 20.

Comment or email with any questions – let’s get it going.


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