Francis and the Lights

A lot of people make fun of the 80’s.  Big hair, shoulder pads, the moog.  Personally, I LOVE the 80’s.  They don’t get enough credit.  Sure, Led Zep, the Beatles, the Who were all pretty important to music from the 60’s and 70’s.  However, many 80’s bands influenced a lot of what is going on today just as much as the classic rock greats.  Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Tears for Fears, Prince, the Police, the Cars, U2, Hall & Oats (don’t tell me that Rich Girl isn’t catchy).  Lars found the band Francis and the Lights on itunes’ “ping” feature.  Lars saw that Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) said that the Francis and the Light record was his favorite album of the year.  Turned out that Justin was right.  The album is Awesome!  To me, it’s a modern-day version of Peter Gabriel with a hint of Tears for Fears.  I’ve embedded a music video that they made.  The cool thing about the video is that it is performed live and recorded in 1 shot with the camera.  Hope you like it………..


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  1. Lars turned me onto this band too and I agree, the album is awesome. I wouldn’t say its Tears for Fears meets Peter Gabriel- that music isn’t dominated by synths and has aged pretty well. Francis and the Lights is a reincarnation of new wave synth-pop, like a-ha and Simple Minds. So much of indie music has that new wave vibe- Francis and the lights celebrates all that is great about 80s music by taking the dance moves, shoulder pads, and signature sounds too.

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