A Beloved Christmas with Food 2010

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2010


  • 01 Go Tel It On The Mountain – Steve Pardo, Jon Pardo & Cara Goden
  • 02 Waking Up My Brother – Adam Svec
  • 03 Silver Bells – Conrad Spencer
  • 04 Santa is a Zombie – Surrounded by Werewolves
  • 05 Christmas Promises – Create Cause
  • 06 Christmas Ain’t Over – Steve Pardo
  • 07 Midnight Lullaby – Bret Hesla and Larry Dittberner
  • 08 Apple Tree – Food for the Saints
  • 09 White Christmas – Ft. Wonder

Here is how you get the album:

1. Go to the new FFTB Band Camp’s website: http://foodforthebeloved.bandcamp.com/

From there you can download it or just listen to it or even buy it.  If you do spend any money, it will be donated to Feed My Starving Children.

Thanks to everyone that contributed this year, I’m really impressed with the level of quality we received.  Remember, the purpose of this is to have fun and get some creative juices flowing, then share it with everyone.  So please let your friends know about this awesome FREE Christmas record.  Thanks again and can’t wait for next year.

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family



  1. Just want to say GREAT work to everyone to took time to create music for such a cool project. STEVE, JON, CARA, ADAM, ‘CONRAD’, TIM, BRET, LARRY, LARS & BRI & CREATE CAUSE!!!!! I love hearing classical style songs along with zombie themed songs all on one album! WHAT A TREAT! Special thanks to Timmy Too Too & Lars for bringin’ it all together.

  2. Im glad you like it, Casey. I haven’t done much work lately but I am working on some new material. I do have some older songs on facebook if you care to listen to anything. This is me chiming in and thanks again for the kind words. Btw Tim this years Christmas album sounds great!


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