Open Source Song Creating

Here is the 2nd version of one of the songs I’m working on. I’m think that I’m closer to the final, please if you have any feedback at all the song let me know. I love constructive criticism.

Another Way To Get Around

ps. This song needs a music video starring these people



  1. Thanks Tim. I like some of the additions. I don’t know why, but I think I like the verse/chorus best in your original version. Maybe it’s mere preference, but it might be worth a listen to the original to hear what’s missing. Maybe it’s a less is more thing. I love the song, love the new outro. Keep it up

  2. As usual, listening to something in my headphones is 100% different than listening to it in my car. I need to change a lot. Lessen the bass, lessen the clapping, raise vox at parts, make the bass less bassy.

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