Round 1 for 2 Songs (SBW)

Ok, I’ve been working on two songs and I need your input and/or wav files.  Here they are, I think Lars is going to grab them and then send me some vocal additions and also give me some suggestions.  I believe that I will be replacing the keyboard bass with a real bass in the song “Another Way To Get Around”.

Mysterious Giant

Another Way To Get Around



  1. Wow Timmb, great start. I’ll work up some backing vocals for giant. I think that song doesn’t need a lots more. I would retake a few of the verses with vocals, but that has a nice short ballad feel to it.

    For Another Way to get Around I love the vocals and wouldn’t change them at all. I would want that song to rock more at some point. I think it could really swell nicely. And you’re right, it desperately needs a real bass. Do you have one? Do you want me to play that? I’m not sure how it would transfer over.

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