It’s Time for Something new…

Hey, Lars here. Tim and I have had an internal discussion after a frustrating month. We’ve loved the Food for the Beloved conglomerate, having Nater joining us in cover bands we love, but we are restless. The challenge of covers is starting to feel a bit trite from month to month. We both decided that our favorite month was the one win which collaborated on a Bon Iver inspired song, the product being Local Atmosphere, of which we are proud. We also wanted less restrictions, and more open space to collaborate and write. After a few phones calls and chats, I wrote the following email to Tim:

OK, so my Dirty Projectors song is pretty bad right now. I’m frustrated like you are and feeling a need to revision things. I have a daring plan:

Between now and October, each of us will create a 6-9 song EP containing the following:

– Local Atmosphere as a cornerstone song.

– 3-5 original songs in whatever style you’d like, though relating thematically, lyrically, or musically to that song.

– 1 cover song.

– 1 song written for the other (I’ll write a song for you, and record a scratch track with guitar and vocals and let you perfect it, and vice versa)

– 1 song to be collaborated on to wrap up each EP in Nov. 2010 @ Hembygden.

– We will then post our EP’s (one each) on Noisetrade in November and do Christmas again in December. Each EP will have Local Atmosphere and Nov. 2010 song in common, the rest will be different. If we could find a time in August, we could collaborate on one more as well.

Tim has agreed. Keep checking back as Tim and I walk you through the process of creating our EPs. We’re committed to having a song out by May 15. Let the fun begin.



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