A Beloved Christmas with Food 2009

A Beloved Christmas with Food 2009


We have 2 ways of getting this album:

1.  From NoiseTrade here:  https://www.noisetrade.com/fftb (if you end up paying for it all the money will be donated to Feed My Starving Children)

2. You can just download each of the individual tracks from the links above.

Closing:  This album was a huge success.  I’m really pleased with the amount of participation.  I was really worried that it would just end up being me and Lars.  Thank you for being part of this as a listener or/and a performer.

Happy Christmas

The FFTB Family



  1. Sounds outstanding everyone. Thanks for all your efforts. Special thanks to Bonnie for a great album cover as well. Merry Christmas to all. Tim and I will be sure to podcast with our musings on the album and give big props to Tim for pulling the project together.

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