Conrad Spencer: Prayers For Peace

nursing_homeFriends – Thanks for the kind words concerning Tim and I and our best Bon Iver effort. Here is the Bon Iver inspired song from my brother and his project, Conrad Spencer. I think it’s phenomenal, and has a lot of similarities with our song without any collaboration or discussion. Pretty Cool. Enjoy

Prayers for Peace

Prayers For Peace

They left them here all alone

In this warm and clammy void with a silent hall

They closed the door to lock them in

Each a life of love and loss left to slowly fade

How low does this life get?

To find a strangers face a key to freedom

Long ago in the garden

This is not the way it was designed to be


Surrounded in white

In the crowded prison of a diluted mind

And we’re just biding time

And they’re just waiting for the inevitable


Is it better to take?

Or to we let death have his way again?

He robs you of yourself

Prayers for peace   prayers for peace



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