Bon Iver Project: Local Atmosphere

HembigTowerCrash 132 Song: Local Atmosphere

In the Style of: Bon Iver

Location: Hembigden (North Woods of Wisconsin)

Setting:  In a cloud of wood fire smoke – on the loft of a cabin


This is the 1st song that Lars and I have really collaborated on as part of the Food For The Beloved project.  Here goes..

Local Atmosphere



  1. Wow- this is a really cool song. It’s sort of Bon Iver meets The Beach Boys or whoever sang “Lover, Lover, Lover, You don’t treat me no good no more” and I really like it. Really well mixed, and the vocal effects are outstanding. Nice singing from Lars too… No idea what the lyrics mean but they sound profound and really cool off the tongue which is what a good song should do. Very ncie boys. Having listened to all of your tunes, this one is a definite 50/50 in terms of vocal and guitar stylings and overall sound

  2. Very nice, guys. My favorite fftb work yet. It makes me wish I had time to bring up some gear to Nikki’s cabin up north for a long weekend by myself. You’ve got me boning up on my own songwriting craft. Hopefully, I’ll have something to send you for the Christmas comp soon.

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