Windows 7 + Pro Tools 7.4 LE

Normally, I’m not frustrated with Microsoft like all the Mac users in the world that think Apple is the seed to  a utopian society.  Heck, I even like Vista – haven’t had 1 problem with it.  I did get a new laptop that uses Windows 7.  I am going to be using it for recording, therefore I need to install my copy of Pro Tools 7.4 LE on it.  From real life experience and from what Digidesign has told me, it is currently not a possiblity to run Pro Tools on a Windows 7 machine (reference).  So, I have some questions for you people out there..

1.  Has anyone been able to install any version of Pro Tools on there Windows 7 OS? 

2. If so, how?

3. Does anyone know how to enable Virtualization on a Sony VAIO with Windows 7 installed?

4. Who would your rather spend a day with: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs



  1. So is your brain too big to figure out ,from a Utopian point of view ,what to do.
    Answer Run dual partition and install win xp til a fix is made which will be a long time in my opinion, that is because 7 uses explorer 8 and it totally hangs protools up ,but is the basis of windows seven . my solution is don’t do it run 10 plus gig partition with windows xp on it . hard to live without pro tools hope it helps .
    i would like to have a mac but am just a dishwasher at chili’s way out of my $’s strength if you wish to donate one write it would be a kindness

  2. For the record its not microsofts fault. Pro Tools 7 uses a copyright detection software that uses Internet Explorer 7 to verify you haven’t stole pro tools. Because Windows 7 comes with IE8 which has a new security model that doesn’t allow for this kind of thing to happen.

    This is Digidesign’s fault, I would complain to them.

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