Wilco p-ject: Circe (Surrounded By Werewolves)

Back in action with a new tune.  There is a new member of my family and her name is Circe.  In Greek Mythology Circe is the daughter of a God and sort of a Nymthish creature.  Before I learned that it reminded me more of Cirque du soleil.  This song is lyrically inspired by Cirque du soleil and Circe (the cat), hope you like it.

SBW – Circe (download)




a melancholy loner so lost

tries to find his place in the world

only to return where he starts



leaping jumping clowning around

showing off he’s only a human

trapped inside a shell of a man


lost in a new world full of jesters and daemons

mustache and eye brows

feels likes we can float off the ground



showing of the splendor of sight

covered with a splat of the rainbow

glowing like a star in the sky



throwing on some 2 foot long shoes

everyone says his the trickster

looking like a bunch of baboons



  1. Love it! I like the “Ohhhh” in the refrain…and I like thinking about the character sitting backstage pondering and being caught up in the noise and color around him (and twirling his mustache). Fabulous.
    PS. I want to make known to the world that since, we have changed her name to be spelled “Cirque” (her full name is Cirque du Soleil Wolenda Mader-Brown).
    Great Job Tim!

  2. Hearing this song makes me really curious about your kitty.. Like this is not any normal kitty! It is a kitty that can participate in the circus and have puppet shows and play tricks on people and spin and dance. I would guess that Cirque plays tricks on people during the “Ohhhhhhhhhh” part that Shar mentioned.
    Job well done!

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