Wilco Project – Food for the Saints, ‘Who Knows a Good Man?’

It’s been awhile friends, but I’m thrilled to have a new offering for you. Our recent project that got postponed ad nauseum due to busy late summer schedules was to take the best of one of rocks best, Wilco, and create an inspired original song. Mine is entitled, “Who Knows a Good Man?” Check back soon for the FFTB podcast where Tim and I talk at length about Wilco and our creations.

Thanks for listening – Lars

Food for the Saints – Who Knows a Good Man?

Who Knows a Good Man

Change isn’t change, if the change doesn’t better humanity

Wrong isn’t wrong, if the wrong is created by something right

Right isn’t right, if the right is come to so easily

Conviction is not conviction, if conviction is obtained by blind sight

So who knows a good man?

I just need a true word

Truth isn’t truth, if the truth is spoken with venom in it’s cheeks

Faith isn’t faith, if the faith needs words to survive



  1. This reminds me of the man that was standing at the bottom of a hill eating an ice cream cone minding his own business, then all of a sudden he is hit in the butt by a baby that was rolling down the hill in a carriage. Next you know it he’s a big hero and soaking in the glory.

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