Don’t close your eyes, no do

It’s 11pm, my wife and I are watching Letterman.  Bill Murray is on and we are in heaven.  Time for a commercial break.  First commercial is a trailer for a horror movie with lots of sharp objects, blood, darkness, freaky music, revenge, and evil.  In the attempt to avoid getting nightmares I usually start hunting for the remote in order to turn the channel and my wife closes her eyes.  I just hate they they have to play those trailer during a late night comedy program.  It did get me thinking though and recently my thoughts were verified.  I thought, is it better to close your eyes in that situation and not see what is going on?  Is the human imagination capable of recreating worse images then the ones on the screen.  At least the ones on the TV are on the TV originated there and not constructed in your mind.  Then, isn’t music heard better when your eyes are closed.  I found an article on ( yesterday that confirms this.  The human brain is stimulated by music at a greater level when our eyes are closed.  That’s it, they even compared it to the brain scans against people that were in a dark room with there eyes open and the closed eye situation is more active.  So, next time you are listening to music and not driving, close your eyes for a song or two.



  1. This is definitely consistent with my experience. However, because of this, I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can’t keep my eyes open and watch the commercial, yet I can’t close my eyes and risk my mind spinning off into chaotic oblivion. So, I just curl up into a ball, stick my thumb in my mouth and wait for Max Weinberg to save me.

  2. Nice post, and a good idea to give only your ears to music, rather than indulging all the senses. I once read an article challenging the reader to listen to an entire movie without watching it. I have never done it, but find the challenge interesting. But I have to say, indulging all the senses is still fun and worthwhile. I went to a Bonnie Rait concert the other day, but since I never bought a ticket, I sat behind the large tarped-over fence around the concert venue and tried to poke my little nose through one of the holes in the fence– so I could see Bonnie! Well, I couldn’t see anything really, and I got bored…so I went back home after a song or two. So much for using my ears! That took too much effort!

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