Food For the Saints: San Francisco

At the advice of older brother Nate, I’m focusing less on recording cool and focusing more on really getting into the mind of the artist at hand and using them as teachers in songwriting for the month. Hence, I’m ingested a lot of Austin based Spoon in the last month. I stretched myself vocally and in trying to capture a vibe, by far the most important aspect of Spoon’s music. So here’s the vibe. It’s about a recent trip to San Francisco. Enjoy. And, feedback please, in honest form.

Food for the Saints – San Francisco

In San Francisco we can eat, and sleep, and get some rest

Big market cities don’t know how to hide their mess

Water tells a story as it trickles down concrete bones

It leaves the hillside to the ocean where it makes it’s home

Don’t want to be a tourist

Don’t want to be an ATM

I want to lose the midwest

I can always fake it

The bars and the cars and arty cosmopolitan scene

Is built in elevation on a slant w/ a world below

While German tourists smile for a picture on Telegraph Hill

The crazies and the psychos smoking street crack w/ a dollar bill



  1. Great job Lars – putting that edge on the song and using lyric’s like “street crack” are certianly out of your elimate. I love San Fran and want to go again. You used more random vocal sounds, love it. I reminds me of the time I directed some Irish guys to an Irish Pub and they were pissed about it, cause they want to find a non-irish pub.

  2. way to go Lars. To me the evidence of Spoon is in the beat, the melody, and the distorted effect on the vocals. It’s not entirely Lars but you’re still quite visible. That’s good- It’s fun to hear you in another mode, and it just wouldn’t seem Spoon inspired without those elements. As for the tune, I really dig the vocal phrasing on and electronic elements on the verses, and feel the chorus looses something when those disappear. My opinion: the chorus needs to be a little less rockabilly with more distorted elements. Great Job.

    by the way: “street crack and a dollar bill”- what exactly did you do in Frisco?

  3. Oh and Nate, “street crack”. A block off of Market in the upscale neighborhood we took a side street to our restaurant and were surrounded by scary men and crazies, one of whom had a rolled up dollar bill face down on the pavement. It was sad. It was a shock coming from a city that now takes every effort to hide, squeeze out, and displace the homeless to lure tourists. Kate was scared. I was kind of refreshed.

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