Food for the Saints – It’s Never One Thing

Here’s my new song inspired by the Talking Heads. This was a really fun one for me. It’s called ‘It’s Never One Thing’. I’m excited to chat over podcast about this one with Tim. Let me know what you think. 

It’s Never One Thing – Food for the Saints

It’s Never One Thing


Two lens in wire frames, when you use them you see differently

You see the swirling clouds, water, earth, and air and pagaentry

You can see them

A clash of molecules, plants and animals

Matter being born, chaos into rule, you can see them


7 days or billions and billions of years, it’s never one thing


Circuits never stop, like tree rings moving outward

In the middle you look out, from the outside you can see the world

You can see it.

But it’s lumber all the same

It burns in a fire, rings are only things, 

Our perceptions change, can you see them?


Seems illogical, Where did we come from?

Explosions in the sky, the circuit isn’t done



  1. Lars,

    I love this. Honestly, you have such a wonderfully lyrical tone to your voice. Thanks for a great contribution. Listening to you guys makes me happy to be alive, despite it’s occasional illogical nature. I appreciate the nod to “Explosions in the Sky,” too. Much love, brothers. Keep rocking. We’re listening.

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