Review – Doves, Kingdom of Rust

I’ve had a couple of weeks to digest the newest album but Manchester’s Doves entitled Kingdom of Rust. It’s the fourth major album from the British Alternative Rock trio. After a long hiatus, the Doves have given fans old and new a highly listenable album that will stick in iPods and car stereos for years to come. A few observations:

– For the third straight album, the cornerstone is track #2, on this album it’s the title track, Kingdom of Rust (On previous albums Words, and Black and White Towns). The rockabilly anthem starts unassuming and evolves into a soaring guitar harmonization that is crisp and emotive. After a somewhat unsettling track #1, Jetstream, track #2 pulls the album to center and is a treat for the listener.

– I appreciate that there is still relevant Alternative Rock that isn’t overly avant garde or stylistic. Doves don’t rock as much on this album as in others, but it’s just plain good musicianship at work. No high-level processing. No blazing keys. Doves do what they do and do it well. While it might fit 2002 more aptly in terms of style, it sound relevant and fresh.

– The most stunning track is 10:03 with the reverberating guitar lead line and beautifully simple melodies that turns into a rock outro for the the ages. It’s the perfect Doves song for real Doves fans.

Please pick up Kingdom of Rust post-haste. You won’t regret your purchase.



  1. I agree the guitar riff on 10.03 is immense. Another cracking release from the Doves. All in all my favourite since Lost Souls, but then as I say that I recall Snowden, Pounding… oh dear will have to listen to all again! Buy it buy it!

    PS I see what you mean ref sounds 2002. Perhaps this is why there was no Mercury nomination??

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