Guest Artist: Conrad Spencer


We welcome guest artists each month to try their hand at our project.  This month, my brother Nate Stromberg, working under the artist name Conrad Spencer, graced us with his Damien Rice inspired song entitled Pink Sunlight. Take a listen and let him know what you think. 

pink sunlight

every day was pink sunlight

and a misty summer morning

closer to when we’d reunite

how was I to know 

that somewhere south of steel town

the weight of a life was crushing

so now my heart if left to drown

in a deep impact crater  

now there’s no answer at all

now you don’t call

and sorrow grows

I can’t begin to know what went wrong 

She sat there with nothing to say

As if I was the strange one

And when it was clear there was no way

suitcase in hand she was gone 

Love is a cruel and lonely game

A bitter pill to swallow

I feel a world of blame

she disappeared in dust 

So now this might as well be hell

I was myself and that wasn’t enough

I can’t begin to know what went wrong


1 Comment

  1. This was a really nice surprise. I didn’t think I would see a Conrad Spencer song up this month. The recording just makes both Lars’ and mine sound dumb. You did a great job. I’ve only listened to the song twice and, like most Damien Rice stuff, it will take about 8 listens for me to get into it. I love the harmony parts and the string when the drums come in, it’s a really good arrangement. Thanks

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