Today is the Day: 4th Song

Ok guys, here is my song for this month.  It was hard for me to be inspired by Damien Rice.  He just made me feel sad and I don’t think his song are catchy.  I really like that song “Cannonball”.  Needless to say, this is what I came up with.  The recording is really rough, so keep in mind that I know that, I just need to be done with this song.  I do like the song, I just need to take a break from recording it.  Maybe some day I’ll come back to it and make a recording that’s not stupid.

Today is the Day: Download


If I left it all behind
If I left my things behind
would I really see the gift of life begin

If I opened up the door
to show the world my pride
would it really turn to apple’s in the sky

If we found the truth was hard
and it hurt to see the past
would it change the way we shine the light

In this time when love is blind
In this time the world’s all mine
so lonely it would be to rule the world

Chains, please leave
This love we seek
In the hardest times
and with different minds
Destruction comes
to rip it all away

Some say that we can’t change
Some say that hope is dead
The darkness came and said your stuck with me

Like a nail to the wall
It’s destiny for all
Living full with the pride is misery

If we leave it all behind
Break right through that wall
The hunger and the thirst might be content

It’s hard to see the light
When the world so black and blue
Try to wear your shoes everyday

The Joker and thief
Always find relief
In our misery


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