Song #4: There Are Giants in the Sky – Food For the Saints

For our fourth song we used Damien Rice as inspiration. I worked off a theme from Steven Sondheim’s Into the Woods with Food for the Saints’ song There Are Giants in the Sky

Download  – There Are Giants In The Sky

Here are the lyrics:

If we don’t leave this night, then We’ll forsake the dawn

I don’t trust others to make it right, or use me like a pawn

Beanstalks aren’t so odd, to unchartered skies

When the masses go subterranean, where they surely will die

Let’s choose where bird fly


Take off the scaffolding

And repane the windows in turn

We’re not going to let silly giants

Tell us what we heard


Are my futures up or down? Is my jacket on fire now?

Since when did we just choose to bow? There’s no sense in it all.

Let’s choose where birds fly


There are giants in the sky

There are big tall terrible giants in the sky



  1. Well done. Methinks Duncan Sheik was controlling your subconsious when you were writing this. (a lot of slow droning build from low to high with strings) Nice melody line on chorus. The only thing that threw me is the piano that comes in at the end… it sounds pretty random- did you intend that?

  2. Thanks for the kind words Nate. My Duncan Sheik is your Glen Phillips. It can’t be shaken. The piano is hard because I’m playing with a keyboard. I added a strong echo to the keyboard to fill space (I couldn’t figure out how to play the accordian in the higher key!!!).

    Did you write a song?

  3. Well said- does it ever tick you off to write a tune and then find you’ve copied another artist to perfection? It happens to me all the time, and yes, most of my songs are Glen Phillips tunes.

    I did write a song, I haven’t recorded it yet- I’m going to try this week. No promises. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a good recording with my setup. For sure I’m in next month when you guys write songs in the style of Alanis Morrisette.

  4. Sounded a bit “They Might Be Giants”. I’m not sure if that is because you have the word Giants in the song name or because of the accordian. Not my favorite creation of Food for the Saints, and that’s ok. I’m interested to hear you talk about it a bit. I don’t know anything about Into the Woods.

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