A little Damien Rice inspiration…

I’ve gotten hooked on Haley Bonar after the interview this week, but I wanted to refocus us. Tim and I continue to plug away at our Damien Rice inspired song. Here’s a video of Damien that I enjoyed:

Notice how simple the song is, both instrumentally and melodically. It’s so stripped down and basic, but when added all together it sets a mood an tells a story. I guess I need to strip down my song as well!!



  1. Is it a writing issue? Or are you having problems translating to recording? I felt the same way a month ago w/ Weezer and it came along once I was almost done recording. With Damien, I like my song but I’m nervous that it won’t translate once recorded.

    I guess I should ask, do you like Damien’s music?

  2. I feel like I’ve been force feed D.Rice for the last 3 weeks and I don’t love his stuff, I feel more neutral about his music. I keep writing songs that I think are stupid after working on them for hours, anyway I’ve finally nailed something down as of 2 days ago. I’m hanging on.

  3. Fair enough. Did you buy ‘O’? I think it’s significantly better and more accessible than ‘9’. I hope you come to like the music. It’s no fun to write types of music you don’t like and I’ll feel bad if it’s just a bum month for you. Take a couple days off and listen to something else and see if it refocuses things.

  4. I have ‘O’. It’s Ok. I do like the music, I think I need it in moderation. I finally settled on a song after rewriting about 8 times and way too many hours. It’s a bit typically, and I don’t care.

  5. Good. Excited to hear your creation. Mine is coming along well but I need some glue to stick it all together and make it mine.

    That could be a good topic for a podcast – bands/music that everyone says you would love that you like but don’t love.

    LA stuff sounds good.

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