FFTB Podcast #2: Weezer

Wondering what our Weezer inspired songs are about or how they came into being? Find out on the FFTB Podcast. This months installment also reveals Lars’ pick for our next artist and offers a list of the top album covers of all time. Enjoy

Download Podcast here – fftb-podcast-2_-weezer



  1. What gives? I can’t open the podcast. How will I be able to agree/disagree with it being ‘perfect?’

    Also, kudos to both of you on the Weezer project. I really wanted to contribute but I’m still trying to figure out my new audio interface/macbook.

    Long live lyrics like ‘playing king of the hill on a slippery slope!’


  2. So I’ve only just had time to listen to both of your tunes a second time and hear the podcast which you so generously sent out to “all the fans”- all 3 of them. Hear’s my honest feedback, because I’m a believer that honest feedback is what makes you better at what you do. You both harnessed slight bits of Weezer. Tim’s song reminded me of how much Weezer has influenced Tim, because the tune was very Timmb. Lars’ tune relied more on textbook Weezer elements, like the double vocal with the high octive, the sliding lazer synth and the feedback (the feedback was too much for me). I was amused at both, since it seems like you both started lyricly with high school memories and went from there. What you both missed is what makes Blue Album and Pinkerton great- that Rivers can write an infectious melodic hook like few can. I can’t think of one song from those albums that doesn’t have a memorable and highly singable line- I really wanted to write a song here, but didn’t have the setup or the time. I think I would have started by listening to the Cars and writing in that vein, then I would have added heavy guitars to make it Weezer. That’s essentially what Weezer did with Ric Ocasek. Strip the Blue album down and make it New Wave and it’s the Cars.

    I’ve always felt that a good melody is essential. I’m very interested to see what you guys do with Damien Rice, because in my opinion he lives or dies with the melody. He’s got some incredible songs with deeply emotional soaring melodies, but he also has some real stinkers that never get off the ground. Keep it up dudes.

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  4. Hey guys! I really liked both of you Weezer songs and am proud to say that they are currently on my ipod playlist.

    I think you both did a good job of capturing some weezeresque sounds (e.g., double vocals, high pitched lines, feedback, and lyrics that tell a personal story). Tim every time I listen to your song I can imagine you singing it while we were at LWHS. Count me in amongst your “3 fans.”

    As far as the podcast goes, it was entertaining as usual and it helped break up my two hour drive north to New Lenox. One suggestion, we need some serious audio leveling. Tim was loud and clear but Lars was hard to hear. I found something that may be useful, THE LEVELATOR!

    Check it out.

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