Fantasy Dragon T-shirt (Surrounded by Werewolves) – Weezer Project

Here is my song

Fantasy Dragon T-Shirt – Download


On Friday night we’ll run away
Find out our rockin routine
was lost inside a broken machine
Driving from an old friends hideout
I”ll wear my dragon t-shirt and you can laugh at all the young freak shows
and sing a long

She’s left the rad rock show
to search for her new heartache
always be lonely
bitter at the world again
Looking like a monkey’s friend
nothing for the good guy

Ohhhhhh don’t passed me by
Ohhhhhh don’t break my spine
It’s not going to make me stronger
It’s only going to crush my world
and I’ll drift away
across the ocean

Uncle Jack and Aunt Marie
eating all the fresh green peas
Suzanne in the backyard
Saying…Its time to pick your head up
It’s time to get your act straight
Start acting like your old aged
The world’s dungeon
Colder than the ocean
Bitter and alone

Sometimes I run
Sometimes I’ll run on empty



  1. Timmy, thanks for another great song. This song took awhile to grow on me, but like nearly every other song you’ve every written, I find myself humming your song all day. I’m excited to chat on podcast about your Weezer influences (and other influences) in your song. I’m also ready to unveil our new project via podcast. Yeah!!!

  2. Coooooooo… post brown maYdR! I want the Dragon “T” for myself! I think you should at least host a contest give away for that piece of prepubescent nerd garment.

    Another good song from you Tim! Have you automated your song writing process using cash value?!! Okay, bad inside joke (Tim and I used to work together…)

    I’m curious to which Weezer songs yours is based on. The process of finding the right elements. In addition, I’d like to hear the same question answered by Lars on his ditty.

    When I was thinking about writing my own weez song, I kept listening to about 5 different tunes picking out elements I thought defined a trademark weez launch. Such as the campy “whoo hoos”, the happy go lucky melodies voiced by metal guitar tones, sing along harmonies, lyrics about day dreaming, adding dramatics to something that is far from, etc., etc., the list goes on.

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