When I met Weezer

Story time:

For you  kids born around 1980, here is my attempt to “bring it back” for you.  I believe that it was Labor Day weekend in the Fall of 1996.  Many of my pals left for a weekend to go to an awesome retreat of some sort.  They were pissed that Danny and I decided to stay behind and test out our luck downtown at the Weezer concert.  I was only 16 years old so the idea of going downtown to see a concert was Winnie the Pooh’s honey.  I headed over to Danny’s house, greeted with a freshly made bagel, a green house of infinite joy, and a feeling of extreme coziness.  We were going to the Weezer concert this night, in addition we opted to attend the acoustic performance at the downtown Red Tower Records.

Danny and I jumped into the gigantic Van called “The Beast” (picture) and began our journey (I don’t remember if other people were with us or not).  It is important that you look at the picture for visuals.  The van smelled of old Frito’s and socks.  Eventually, us suburbanites found the record store but not before 1,000,000,332 people had found it before us, it was crowded.  We saw the show and it was ok, then got in line for autograph’s.  They autographed my Blue Album and Pat William told me that “The Universe is Never ending”.  Danny and I had some time to kill before the loud rock show so we headed over this little sandwich shop that we love downtown called “Subway”.

After we filled our stomach’s, we headed back to the Red Towers records store to kill some time.  When we arrived the store was no longer packed and we noticed that Weezer was walking around the store shopping.  It freaked the ‘h’ out of me!  I remember looking at a book about the Police as Matt Sharp walk behind me with a giant stack of CD’s.  Eventually, Danny and I had the eggs to introduce ourselves to Brian Bell only to find that he is super nice.  I have no idea what we talked about, but eventually Rivers joined the circle only to not talk very much.  I do remember asking if he wanted to start a new band with me called “Queen Bitch” and he told me that “he sort of busy at the moment”.  Eventually, we parted ways, went to the show at the Metro, moshed with dudes that didn’t have shirts on, stole a Weezer poster from the wall at the Metro, drove home in the trashy van “the Beast” and went to bed smelling like crap.  It was a great night.  It ended up to be the right choice to ditch the Fall Retreat.

In a related but different story the Beast blew up (picture)




  1. Ahh the good old days of driving around in the Beast. Need I remind you that we most likely listened to not weezer on the way, but Bob Dylan live at the Budokon (since those were the only tapes in the beast and obviously there was no CD player.) But what a glourious day that was, your story does have a few mistakes though. The poster was taken from the Tower Records and not the Metro, I am sure of this because the poster was signed by all four of the band members. I had it hanging in my dorm room in college the next year. I also believe we would have been 17 during this trip and not 16.

    Nonetheless a wonderful day. Not so wonderful though was the day that I found out that The Beast blew up, which was surprisingly enough the day we got back from that years winter retreat to Fort Wilderness.

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