What is “Nobody Home” about?

For those of you that have listened to my last creation “Nobody Home” and are wondering what that song is about…here goes. 

The song is about guilt.  The lyrics are not written in a direct way because Pete Yorn does not write in a direct way.  Listen to “Crystal Village” or “Life On A Chain”.  I think he likes to paint a picture with this lyrics rather than tell a story like “Billy Jean” does.  He is also very comfortable using the singular pronouns rather than using plural pronouns.  I just prefer using We rather than I, so that was hard for me.  I talk about some of these things somewhat in the pod-cast that we made and since then I’ve been able to process it a bit more.  Guilt sucks, meanwhile I believe that it is better than ignorance or numbness.  The old empty home in the song is a reference to the huge mansions located on Summit Ave that are hardly populated while just down the street we have low income housing dealing with poor conditions.  The reference to a Tale Tale Heart is the non-stop itch that guilt can sometimes be.  It makes me think “What am I numb too?”  What don’t I feel guilty about that I should feel guilty about and vice-versa.  Huge thanks for Steve Goold’s consulting on the drum tones.  Hope this makes you think….



  1. I felt guilty if I didn’t leave a reply. j/k lol

    I think we should just barge into one of those houses on Summit and squat. (not like squat squat, but like stay there and invite our friends and stick to the rich POC (pieces of crap) that choose to visit their Summit estate on only the 2nd weekend of every month. Love the song. Love St. Paul. Hate the fact that rich people keep getting richer and poor people keep getting poorer. kingdom come…..

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