Third song – Weezer

Ladies and Gents it is my turn again to select the band to be inspired by.  My choice is everyones favorite N3RD rock-n-roll band WEEZER.  So grab your horn rimmed glasses, put on a wrist watch, tuck your pants into your socks, and watch all 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica because we are in for a wild ride.  We will need to bring out our-high school-girls-dump-me-angst and loud distorted 1/8 note down strokes.  Stay tuned.  Possible song title names are welcome.



  1. Now honestly Tim this is one main reason why I have been following the blog…I knew Weezer would come up at some point.

    I remember in high school you gave me a tape with Mykel & Carli on it and talked about starting a band called Sadie Hawkins. Weezer has been (and still is) my favorite band since 94.

    Looking forward to hearing these!

  2. A. I love that I gave you a tape
    B. I love that it was of Weezer b-sides
    C. I did start a band called Sadie Hawkins with Don Seiler and Chris Bear (who is now in Grizzly Bear)
    D. We sucked and didn’t play any shows
    E. I just listened to Pinkerton for the 1st time in years and it is way more awesome than I remember it to be.

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