The FFTB Podcast #1

While Tim and I love posting comments on our songs, we thought you all might enjoy eavesdropping on our conversation, thus Podcast #1. Let us know what you think and what you would like to hear on these podcasts. 

Food for the Beloved – 021809



  1. I just listened to the podcast and have a couple of questions/comments.
    1. TMB was it a stretch/difficult for you to write the music for “Nobody’s Home” knowing that you were attempting to conform to Pete Yorn’s “style.”
    2. Both of you wrote music that, in my opinion, doesn’t match the mood/tone of the lyrics. Why?

  2. Hey Craigers-

    I’ll answer my portion of #2. I’ve tried my hardest to write lyrically upbeat or ‘happy’ songs. They usually fail miserably. I suppose it’s an artistic mindset of sorts. I never try and match lyrics to mood. It’s almost more eerie when they don’t match. Listen to the Barenaked Ladies. That said, this project is all about stretching ourselves. Weezer would be an ideal band to lyrically lighten up with. Stay tuned…

  3. 1. Yes – I hated it. Too use some hyperbole, I felt like Christopher Nolan might feel like after being told he needs to make the next Air Bud film.
    2. I started thinking about this more after the podcast. I don’t believe that the mood of the lyrics need to match any feel of the music. In the case of my song, I think it works in the sense that everyone usually trying to go about in there own merry way while the guilt is hidden in the floorboards. This idea encourages an upbeat feel. Meanwhile, I believe I can make an argument for a slower minor key version of the song.
    Thanks for the comments – We love them.

  4. Hey guys I’m not sure if you remember me from Bethel, but I’m really enjoying your conversation. I must admit that I do enjoy Pete Yorn, but I never really looked too closely into his lyrics. Good point Lars, with the chorus using first person pronouns. As a songwriter myself I spend a lot of time thinking about how to reach the listener. If there’s a topic or emotion that I want to write about, I try to find a way to make it easy for the listener to connect, but yet still leave it open enough for multiple interpretation. I’m glad that you guys don’t knock on “pop” music, because I really respect pop. Don’t get me wrong I love Sufjan, and Jenny Lewis, and stuff like that, but I’m always blown away that someone can write a song for Kelly Clarkson, and the majority of the people I meet can hum the tune and sing the lyrics. Keep up the convo guys. I love this stuff.


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