Surrounded by Werewolves – Nobody Home

Here is my Pete Yorn song.  Honestly, I think it’s a bit too Pete Yorn and too little tomatobrown, so I’m going to finish one of my other Pete Yorn attempts that I think rocks and post it too.
I’m dreaming of a girl
Who is only searching for a boy
His charm, inside a lonely lifetime
I’m searching for the hope
That’s always creeping around the backdoor
Like a thief, looking to make up for lost time
Old victorian homes
With your lure and your beauty
But nobody home
Just shell and cross bones
We can make sense standing up
We can show everyone
our ghosts are gone
and we show you your problems
with nobody home

Something’s beating in the floor
Heartbeat poundings in the front room
It’s only going to get louder

The boy is dead now he’s a man
Full of secrets such a fortress
Break it down fix the whole mess



  1. Well done Tim. It is really Yorn – maybe more Yorn than I thought you would do. I’m interested to talk more about if this was a stretch for you or not. I really like the tune. I want to pick up the guitar and play along and harmonize. Let’s podcast this week so that other can get in on the Yorn discussion. Well done friend.

  2. I can see how maybe you felt a little suffocated by the Yorn. I think even Yorn is probably suffocated by the Yorn at times.

    Nevertheless, I like this one, T. It doesn’t pull any punches. It gets down to business. I like how the production is a little more detailed and the performances a bit tighter. It helps the song shine through.

    Lyrically, I like the metaphor of stately abandoned homes and all the themes that go along with them: age, time, glory days, abandonment, death, isolation. Of course, as a pop prerequisite, you explored these themes through the lens of a (romantic?) relationship, focusing the metaphor on the emptiness and isolation (and resulting depression) of a failed relationship. (Am I on track here?)

    I guess the only constructive criticism I have is that I want even more detail and concreteness from the lyrics. I like the general vibe, but I still feel like I haven’t been punched in the gut yet. A few telling details could help focus the song and pack, in my opinion, a greater emotional wallop. For example, how do the “secrets” of the 2nd verse relate to the “dreaming” and “searching” in the 1st verse? Maybe you could “connect the dots” for the listener a bit more? Just a thought.

    Overall, I really liked this one, T. And I’m really excited that you guys are doing this. Looking forward to more goodness in the near future.

  3. Thanks sixounce – I totally agree. If you really get down to it, the song doesn’t make a lot of sense as a story or at least lacks a streamline effect. I did that because Pete Yorn does that. I hate it. Thanks for the feedback – really apprechiate it.

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