Studying up on Pete Yorn

125122__yorn_l_121633_08082008That’s right friends, Tim and I are preparing for our next project: Pete Yorn.  We are both working on our lower registers and practicing our D and G chords feverishly. I can’t speak for Tim but I’ve rewritten my song from scratch two times already and I’m settling in on a song worth recording. There will be plenty of time for Tim and I to share what we enjoy most about Mr. Yorn, but until the finished products are available. What do you like or dislike about Pete Yorn? Favorite songs? Least favorite?

In frustration as I tried to emulate Yorn, I decided to cover one of my favorite songs of his in my style (mind you a very rough recording done quickly with no frills. So, until my original creation emerges, here is something to chew on.

Food for the Saints – Closet 

Have a great weekend everyone. 




  1. Love the cover – love that you continue to raise the bar – love that you didn’t cover the opening part where Pete Yorn says “This is a song, This is a song called Closet” cause I don’t like that part. I am on my 4th version of my song. The 1st two are crap and I’ve basically trash them. The 3rd one is sweet but sounds nothing like Pete Yorn and the 4th one is in process and fits the part. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

  2. My fav’s are “Better Alone” with that crazy guitar bass part and the techno drums- also “Pass Me By” off day I forgot. Whatever you do, avoid Carlos or Burrito.

    I might have to get in on this songwriting thing…. looks like fun

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