Everything Is Like Space Commentary

Through life we all experience heart breaking moments.  Not all of these are related to relationships to the opposite sex.  Many of them are other things.  Examples:




A. Not making 1st cuts for the basketball team in high school

B. Getting in trouble for totaling your brothers car

C. Spilling a huge steaming plate of lasagna on your Grandpa’s lap

D. Getting picked on in 5th grade (in general, Kids are mean)

E. No one from work comes to see your exhibit at the art show


All these things have the ability to make us feel like crap, especially when we are younger and not confident or comfortable with our identities. 


If, after any of these events, we have the opportunity to go lie in a field away from a major city and really see the stars clearly.  Then we don’t feel so bad anymore.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe we get distracted by the size of space or maybe we realize that we are special to view such a beautiful thing.  I’m not sure; somebody else probably has better ideas on that then me.  That’s what I was thinking of when I wrote these words.


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