Surrounded by Werewolves – Everything is like Space

Here is my song:
Oh Beloved – Everything is like Space


Everything is like Space

If you know where hearts at
broken and crushed
hold it in the sky
like a cluster of stars
flying to the earth so fast
glitter and explosive-ness
it’s never gonna break again
it’s never gonna break again

it you know your heart
if you know it
take a peek

Sitting on a kids slide
wait-in like a hermit in the wind
wearing a brown cloak long beard
Everything is gonna be fine
when story finds an end
oh it’ll never break again

if you know your heart
if you know it
take a peek

Making this recording has been really interesting and exciting for me.  I ended up only using about half of the lyrics that I wrote for this song.  I also chopped off a whole bridge section that didn’t make any sense to me after I started recording.  I’m really interested to hear what people think of the song, because I feel like I lost a bit of the Broken Social Scene-ness of it and picked up some My Morning Jacket/Modest Mouse somewhere in there.  Oddly enough, one of the things that all these bands have in comment their musical sloppiness.  As you can probably tell that this tune has some musical sloppiness.  The bass isn’t also right on, the guitar is out of tune a bit as well as the vocals.  With that being said, I think it works – considering the limited supplies, resources and skills.  Hope you like it, and if you don’t that’s cool too.



  1. Things I love about the first installment in this project from ‘Oh Beloved’:

    1. Tim has always had a voice that works at it’s best when it is edgy, when the perfection of notes doesn’t matter as much as it’s fit with the musical style. The same can be said with Kevin Drew of BSS, so it only makes sense that Tim would model himself thusly. Hallmarks of a Kevin Drew led song: (a) uncomfortably beautiful rangy melody lines, (b) highly instrumentized vocalization, (c) Vocals over layers of instruments that are sonically dominant, (d) and Tonal sloppiness (in a good way). Tim nailed all of these. For good examples listen to ‘Farewell to the Pressure Kids’, or ‘Ibi Dreams of Pavement’.
    2. The melody line itself is more advanced and catchier than most of Drews. I dare you to listen to this song 2-3 times and not be humming the line “glitter and explosiveness’. Awesome, and vintage Tim – epic lyrics with cosmic vocabulary and playful elements.
    3. The arrangement is well planned and moving at points. Tim fluidly moves between BSS hallmarks and his own personal style. The peaks and valleys make sense lyrically, emotionally, and otherwise.
    4. Like a good BSS song, you aren’t even sure how many layers are at work, what instruments are being played (‘is that a guitar or a synth’? being a common question), or what it’s about. It’s about a groove, a feeling, and capturing energy.

    Well done Tim. Excited to hear more about how you were inspired lyrically.

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