Song 1 – Broken Social Scene

brokensocialsceneQuick history:  Years ago Lars and I used to play in a rock band called “King Hippo”.  In this band we wrote many many songs and exercised our ablity to create….it felt good.  Since then life happened and it caused a music drought between us.  In an attempt to get our creative juices moving again we decided to write and record some music again.  With the help of the modern technology of Garageband, Pro Tools, Reason, and a variety of plugin’s we can make this possible.

So, that plan is that we will trade off picking a band.  We each will write and record 1 song in the style of the band that was selected.  Next, we will listen, enjoy, and comment on each others songs.  I had the 1st choice and I picked “Broken Social Scene“.  We still have till Jan 15th to complete these songs, when we do we will each post and write about them.


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